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Some Deadly Snakes

Just a few animals on this planet would strike fear into the hearts of us humans, and one of those creatures would be snakes. Snakes are seriously misunderstood, creatures. They do not engage with humans unless they are provoked. Even that engagement would be a defense mechanism and nothing more.

They have poison to actually subdue their victims, and if you happen to be a victim of one of these snakes, you would indeed be in a lot of trouble. Snakes kill up to 150,000 people a year, and 5.4 million people are bitten by snakes. The use of anti-venom heals most of them. The chances of you running into a venomous snake are indeed really unlikely unless you are scaling some forests. The chance of any of these in a city is very low.

Even if you do run into any of these, you should make sure that you walk away slowly, or if you are fast at running, you should do that, if the snake is on you by any chance, you should absolutely not make any sudden movements, and you should stay still and wait for the snake to go away by itself.

Here is a list of some deadly snakes that you should stay away from.

  • The dangerous African snake which is named for its black mouth. If you come across this one, you would wish that you were a purse mouth like Lord Voldemort or like Harry Potter, so that you can tell the snake to NOT kill you with its venomous bite. The Black Mamba is feared largely because it is large and quick as well. Its venom is extremely potent and will kill any victim. They do not attack humans unless they are provoked.
  • The Boomslang has been known to hunt by extending its body from the branch that it is resting on. It actually camouflages on a branch and its victims have no idea that it is even there. The victims will indeed succumb to the toxins.

  • The Australian Cobra has been known to inhabit the regions of some islands near Australia. It flattens its head as it prepares to strike its victims. This snake also stays away from humans as long as it is left alone. It is indeed really similar to Asian as well as African cobras.
  • The Scaled Viper has been known to kill a lot of humans. Its venom is indeed lethal, and less than 10% of all of its victims will survive the aggressiveness of the snake. If you come in contact with it, you should make sure not to move a muscle at all, if you want to get away with your life.

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