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Rabbit Pregnant

Caring For A Pregnant Rabbit And The Baby Rabbits

You probably have an adult rabbit that is pregnant, or you found an abandoned baby rabbit. You should indeed know a couple of things that you should prepare before you get the baby rabbit to your home. The health of those babies is indeed of vital importance. ]

  • Make sure that you feed the mother with some really healthy food. The diet must contain protein, fiber and some healthy fats as well. She should also have constant access to water which should be cleaned or changed every two days.
  • The female that is pregnant should also be separated from the male. It is indeed uncommon for the male to harm the babies. But, it could indeed impregnate the female again, after they are born, which would result in another pregnancy, if you do not want that, you should separate them indeed. Rabbits bond very closely and they do not like getting separated from their mate and therefore must be able to make contact even though they are separated. A thin fence should do.
  • The babies are born without any fur at all. Therefore, they will need a lot of warmth. You should buy one of those lamps that keep eggs warm. You should also turn it to the lowest setting, and you should keep it where you would be planning on keeping the babies.

  • Make sure that the babies are kept in a box with plenty of ventilation and grass as well. The female should be kept in this box as she nears the birth. There are chances that she would pull out some of her furs and place it in the bedding which would prove that she is close to giving birth.
  • The pregnancy of the female should indeed last just 30-32 days. She would not need any help with the birthing process at all. The birth usually happens in the night or early morning. Check to see if any babies did not survive the birthing. You may have to draw the mother away to see if all of them survived. Make sure that you are not afraid to handle the babies because the mother would be used to you and your scent.
  • The babies should be given proper amounts of water. Fresh food and water are indeed really necessary. The mother should receive proper care and nutrition after birth.
  • Make sure that a vet sees them once, right after the birthing.
  • The box must be cleaned because there are chances that the mother and the babies would litter in there.

Make sure that you take the babies and the mother to the vet if a vet cannot come to you. Ask them what they can eat.

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