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A chirp is as important as a roar. Each species holds equal importance in the eyes of mother nature, and as the most conscious beings on this planet, it is in our hands to sustain the valuable and marvellous creatures of the earth. Our volunteers from around the world are working towards building a much more safer environment for animals and birds while accompanying us in our adventure programs.

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Take a tour of our calm and intelligently designed park made for all animals and birds which assuring safety and comfort for them as well as you.

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Visit our park and get to witness the animals and birds of all regions and seasons. Book your tour today and receive an advanced guide through our programs and adventures.

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Join us on our safaris and experience real-life encounters in the wild. Feel the true adventure of being surrounded by incredible animals and beautiful birds. Have a breathtaking experience and capture the natural moments in Chatta Nature Park.

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How to Create an Eco-friendly Business Plan for Your Company


Businesses that take the environment seriously are responsible enterprises. They are establishments which take proactive steps to ensure that their operations do not negatively affect the livings things and environment around them.

Your business plan has to address the issue of eco-friendly operations. You owe this to the society. The size of your company does not matter. No business should leave themselves out of such drive.

How can you make your business eco-friendly? How will your business plan be prepared to include the answers to these questions? You are about to find out…

  • Include It In Your List of Goals

A business plan contains goals, and the ways to achieve them. Your green goals can be addressed along with other goals stated in the plan. In your draft, you should explain how green your company will aim to be. The capabilities of your business should be considered when doing this. Your budget is a very important factor that will determine the kind of green goals you will set.

  • Making Your Facilities, Resources, and Operations Green

Environmentally-friendly company operations and production processes should be adopted. Ensure that they are described in writing (in the business plan). Make use of renewable fuel sources and other eco-friendly materials when manufacturing goods and rendering services.

All these will be beneficial to your health, and that of your workforce. It will also boost productivity, and keep workers motivated.

Your workers are people who understand the health and environmental hazards of what they do in the workplace (to a certain degree). Some or most or all of them will definitely have reservations about it, and may not feel good about continuing to work in your establishment. It is time to start listening to their complaints, and the various campaigns for the environment out there.

To avoid a situation where you lose valuable workers, you would have to start paying more attention to green goals. Another strategy is to have an energy audit done to a structure you plan on using for your business.

  • Set Up a Team

In your business plan, the organization and management team section should describe your green team. Every member of your workforce should be mobilized for this campaign. You cannot do so without providing educational materials to make them understand the significance of what they are doing.

  • Equip Your Team and Direct Them

Your green team cannot engage in ecologically safe practices if you do not equip them for it. The campaign goes beyond educating them. Find out the ways you can lessen the use of paper and plastic in the workplace. Also, find out ways you can ensure that the materials used in your company are recyclable. Employ eco-friendly cleaning practices to reduce the toxicity levels in the office environment.

A company like Pro Business Plans can be hired for a well-prepared eco-friendly business plan. Every activity that takes place in your company should not be left out—even meetings. You can decide to reward your employees for their efforts in helping your company to achieve a “green” status.

10 Ways to Budget for Your Pet

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Pets cost a lot, but do not be discouraged. If you really want to have one of those adorable companions, put your budgeting plan into motion.
You will learn about various ways you can budget for a pet in this article. The initial costs of pet ownership will also be looked into. After all, you should not wait until you buy a pet before thinking about that aspect.

1. Know the type of Pet You Can Afford

Initially, your mind may be set on having a dog, but you can decide to have a cat instead. Why? You may find out that owning a type of pet is cheaper than owning another. Of course, ‘owning’ here implies buying and caring for it. There are other options like reptiles, birds, and so on.

2. Know the Price Range

You need to know the price tag attached to your potential pet. You should check as many stores as possible to determine the price range and deliberate on it.

3. Do the Math

Consider every cost of owning and caring for a pet at the initial stage. If possible, you can stare at a spreadsheet of expenses for as long as possible. Calculate all there is to consider and make a rational decision.

4. Ask Your Accountant

Your accountant would be able to tell you if buying a pet is a good idea in consideration of the state of your finances. Ensure that you get the best advice from NYC accountants as regards your spending habit.

5. Get a Veterinarian’s Estimate

During the phase of planning, you may want to learn about your local vets. Think about how much it would cost to patronize them once you have purchased your pet.

6. Consider Pet Health Insurance

This is a good option if you are skeptical about your ability to afford huge vet bills. This is an issue that should be sorted out as an initial cost.

7. Discover Low-price Stores

Keep an eye out for places where your target pet is sold at cheaper prices. Some stores have cheaper price tags, so make a list of them and decide which to patronize.

8. Think of Buying a ‘Subsidized’ Pet

There are stores that sell pets that have received special medical care that you would not have to worry about after making the purchase. Also, these pets may come with microchips and collars, as well as settled licenses.

9. Will Your Pet Be Pampered?

This is an important question in consideration of whether you are willing to give your pets the ‘good life’ since you can afford to do so. Expensive collars, fancy wears, premium food . . .

10. Learn From Other Pet Owners

There are useful tips you can get from other pet owners. You can learn a thing or two from their experiences. Ask them questions about anything as regards getting a pet and taking care of initial expenses.

You should base your plan on what you can afford when it comes to caring for your pet. Owning one is cool, but having no choice but to abandon it later would be a shame.

Some Deadly Snakes


Just a few animals on this planet would strike fear into the hearts of us humans, and one of those creatures would be snakes. Snakes are seriously misunderstood, creatures. They do not engage with humans unless they are provoked. Even that engagement would be a defense mechanism and nothing more.

They have poison to actually subdue their victims, and if you happen to be a victim of one of these snakes, you would indeed be in a lot of trouble. Snakes kill up to 150,000 people a year, and 5.4 million people are bitten by snakes. The use of anti-venom heals most of them. The chances of you running into a venomous snake are indeed really unlikely unless you are scaling some forests. The chance of any of these in a city is very low.

Even if you do run into any of these, you should make sure that you walk away slowly, or if you are fast at running, you should do that, if the snake is on you by any chance, you should absolutely not make any sudden movements, and you should stay still and wait for the snake to go away by itself.

Here is a list of some deadly snakes that you should stay away from.

  • The dangerous African snake which is named for its black mouth. If you come across this one, you would wish that you were a purse mouth like Lord Voldemort or like Harry Potter, so that you can tell the snake to NOT kill you with its venomous bite. The Black Mamba is feared largely because it is large and quick as well. Its venom is extremely potent and will kill any victim. They do not attack humans unless they are provoked.
  • The Boomslang has been known to hunt by extending its body from the branch that it is resting on. It actually camouflages on a branch and its victims have no idea that it is even there. The victims will indeed succumb to the toxins.

  • The Australian Cobra has been known to inhabit the regions of some islands near Australia. It flattens its head as it prepares to strike its victims. This snake also stays away from humans as long as it is left alone. It is indeed really similar to Asian as well as African cobras.
  • The Scaled Viper has been known to kill a lot of humans. Its venom is indeed lethal, and less than 10% of all of its victims will survive the aggressiveness of the snake. If you come in contact with it, you should make sure not to move a muscle at all, if you want to get away with your life.

Caring For A Pregnant Rabbit And The Baby Rabbits


You probably have an adult rabbit that is pregnant, or you found an abandoned baby rabbit. You should indeed know a couple of things that you should prepare before you get the baby rabbit to your home. The health of those babies is indeed of vital importance. ]

  • Make sure that you feed the mother with some really healthy food. The diet must contain protein, fiber and some healthy fats as well. She should also have constant access to water which should be cleaned or changed every two days.
  • The female that is pregnant should also be separated from the male. It is indeed uncommon for the male to harm the babies. But, it could indeed impregnate the female again, after they are born, which would result in another pregnancy, if you do not want that, you should separate them indeed. Rabbits bond very closely and they do not like getting separated from their mate and therefore must be able to make contact even though they are separated. A thin fence should do.
  • The babies are born without any fur at all. Therefore, they will need a lot of warmth. You should buy one of those lamps that keep eggs warm. You should also turn it to the lowest setting, and you should keep it where you would be planning on keeping the babies.

  • Make sure that the babies are kept in a box with plenty of ventilation and grass as well. The female should be kept in this box as she nears the birth. There are chances that she would pull out some of her furs and place it in the bedding which would prove that she is close to giving birth.
  • The pregnancy of the female should indeed last just 30-32 days. She would not need any help with the birthing process at all. The birth usually happens in the night or early morning. Check to see if any babies did not survive the birthing. You may have to draw the mother away to see if all of them survived. Make sure that you are not afraid to handle the babies because the mother would be used to you and your scent.
  • The babies should be given proper amounts of water. Fresh food and water are indeed really necessary. The mother should receive proper care and nutrition after birth.
  • Make sure that a vet sees them once, right after the birthing.
  • The box must be cleaned because there are chances that the mother and the babies would litter in there.

Make sure that you take the babies and the mother to the vet if a vet cannot come to you. Ask them what they can eat.